GPS - Android 11

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In case of GPS issues even if there is a good GNSS signal (outside with unobstructed sky view), please check that you have up-to-date version of GPSTune3 application installed (Carpe Manager app - App Shelf).

After updating (if needed), click "Reset", wait a few seconds and click "Setup Chip":

Reset and Setup Chip commands save resident settings on the GNSS chip, it is normally not necessary to repeat the process more than once.

Please note that under normal circumstances the steps mentioned above are not necessary - GPSTune3 is designed to reconfigure the GNSS chip automatically on the background when you first start the device. The configuration normally needs to be done only once - it is resident on the GNSS chip side.

After applying the Reset command, it might take several minutes to re-acquire position lock - this command wipes the GNSS chip.

If you are connected to the Internet, you can speed the process up by clicking Assist Offline and after the commands are executed, Assist Online. The assist data is downloaded into the GNSS chip automatically on the background regularly, so there is no need to apply it manually during normal operation.

If there are still issues with position fix, it is probable that one of the subsequently installed apps messed up something or is interfering with GPSTune3 configuring the chip  (yes, that can happen). The easiest solution is to perform CI Pad factory reset and start over. Before installing any additional software, please update GPSTune3 and make sure that you can acquire position fix. If needed, re-configure the GNSS chip by taking the steps mentioned above (Reset followed by Setup Chip command).

For factory reset go to System settings - Software - Reset options - Erase all data (factory reset).

Make sure not to have the GPS antenna covered. It is located next to the M8 charging port and covering it, even with your hand, can lead to worse gps performance.

GPS antenna location: 

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