Active or passive holder?

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We sell 3 holder variants. The Lightweight holder Active, Lightweight holder Passive and the Lightweight holder - Bare metal.

Bare metal is meant as a replacement part, if you somehow damage your holder, but the pogo pins and M8 cable are undamaged. You can just get the metal holder and transplant the electronics yourself. The only accessory included with the bare metal holder are two keys for the lock. Make sure to check, if your cable and connector brackets are undamaged. If they are broken, please get them as well, since they hold the M8 cable and prevent twisting the connector.

The Active holder offers charging through two options. You can use the pogo pins, M8 cable or both, at the same time. It is recommended for use on bigger four stroke bikes, since they ride smooth and don't pass too many bad vibrations to the pogo pins. Do not use the Active holder on two strokes and light bikes, since they vibrate much more. These vibrations can make the charging less efficient, but they can also damage the pogo pins or the contacts on the back of the CI Pad. Pogo pins need to be maintained, as is described in the user manual for the holder (cleaning and greasing). 

The passive holder only offers charging via M8 cable. It is our recommended off-road charging solution, since the connection is threaded and more resilient. Make sure to use the included cable and connector brackets. The smaller part holds the cable against the holder to prevent the movement. The larger bracket is used for M8 cable storage, when the CI Pad is dismounted. Simply take the cable, seal it with the cable cap, and press it into the bracket.

Both the Active and Passive holders ship with the M8 charging cable, keys and cable and connector brackets as included accessories.

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