Adventure Control - Idle mode explained

Modified on Thu, 15 Feb 2024 at 03:15 PM

Starting firmware version 37, there is a redesigned power saving mode (Idle mode) on Adventure Control with Li-ion /LiFePO batteries in mind. The power saving - Idle mode is no longer dependent on voltage levels

To exit the Idle mode, you need to press the button for Map Centering (first below joystick).

Once you are not using the controller (no user input) and even with input voltage exceeding 13,5V (such as in case your bike has a LiFePO battery with higher nominal voltage): 

  • LEDs go dark after 20 minutes, but Bluetooth connection remains active
  • Controller goes to deep sleep after 3 hours

When the LEDs are dark, Adventure Control consumption is about 5mA.

When in deep sleep, the consumption is a few micro Amps (you cannot really measure that consumption with tools you have at home). That level of power consumption can be seen as zero from practical perspective (self-discharge and idle consumption of stock electronics on your bike is much more than that). 

Firmware version is displayed in the Controller app when Carpe Iter Controller is connected: 

If your firmware version is lower than 37, please update the Controller app - firmware update will be applied to your Carpe Iter controller upon first connection after updating the app.

When updating from lower firmware versions, you might need to unpair the controller and make new connection - please refer here for details. 

If your controller does not go into the Idle mode, please make sure that you did not disable the Idle mode in the Controller app Settings (the feature "Disable Idle mode" needs to be greyed-out) - your controller must be connected, to be able to access the Settings: 


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