No charging on motorcycle

Modified on Fri, 9 Feb at 2:48 PM

We are talking here about NO charging - if your CI Pad does not drop below 50% of battery, don't worry about it and just keep riding.

In case CI Pad is charging through USB, but it is charging neither through the pogo pins nor M8 connector, the problem is between our power source and your bike. 

Yes, problems on the side of the bike are much, much more frequent than our power source failure. There was one single case of power source failure among thousands (which we anyway think was somehow caused by the user :-D). 

Things to know/check: 

  1. When our power source is powered, it shows green LED
  2. BLACK power source switches on and shows green LED after you start your engine - it starts when the voltage goes above 13,5V.
  3. RED power source is always on and should not be affected by the drop of voltage on your bike.
  4. Some bikes are not able to keep voltage above 13,5V especially at idle - if the green LED does not show on BLACK power source, check what voltage your bike is outputting. If your bike can exceed 13,5V when you rev-up, don't worry about it. Unless you spend most of your riding at idle speed (very unlikely :-D), you don't need to charge CI Pad 100% of the time (when the revs drop to idle). 
  5. You need to check the voltage on your bike while the CI Pad is connected to the power source. Your bike might be providing enough voltage when there is no strain, but once our BLACK power source starts drawing power to feed the CI Pad it might drop and cause the BLACK power source to switch off
  6. our RED power source needs at least 10V, which should not really happen on any 12V motorcycle (that would indicate serious electrical issues on your bike, so if you see 10V when your bike is at idle and CI Pad is charging, run to your mechanic;-). 
  7. There could be some other issue with your DC rectifier or alternator (yes, that actually does / did happen to more than handful of our users). If the power seems alright - gives you green LED, but you are still having issues with CI Pad not charging on your bike, have your bike checked for electrical issues in a repair shop (they will most like need an oscillator to reveal issues such as excessive ripple voltage and such like). 

If none of the above solved your problem, please file support ticket and indicate that you were invited to do so in our FAQs.

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