Wifi problems - Android 11

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WiFi disconnects on some dual band routers (fortunately it actually does work on most router brands). The issues might be caused by some specific settings you made on your router. But if you are experiencing issues with the router in the stock configuration, this is what you can try to fix it (try the first item, if still no joy, move to next point): 

  1. Disable DCHPv6 on your router,
  2. Separate 2,4Ghz WiFi network and connect to 2,4Ghz (do not connect to 5Ghz network)
  3. Disable IPv6 protocols.
  4. In the Advanced WiFi network settings on CI Pad (click cog-wheel next to your WiFi network - Advanced - Privacy - change from "Use randomized MAC" to "Use device MAC"
  5. Change your router channel, it's possible that your router uses the top most channels by default, which may be unreliable. For 2,4 Ghz, try channel 1, 6 or 11, for 5Ghz, try 36, 40, 44 or 48.
  6. Contact your router manufacturer support.

WiFi issues on dual band and IPv6 routers are unfortunately common on Android 11 - just google search for "Android 11 DHCPv6 issues" or "Android 11 5Ghz issues" or "Android 11 wifi disconnects frequently" and feel free to add any of the major brand names to the search query to see that this issue is not specific to small brands like Carpe (everybody is using the same Android core). The problems also largely relate to the fact that Android does not natively support DHCPv6 protocols. When you google search for these problems, you will find that even Google had issues on their Pixel phones or Samsung on Galaxy phones, which didn't get fixed (ever). What we could do about WiFi on Android 11, we did. Next try to smooth things out we plan to take on Android 13 ROM build (keep fingers crossed).

Possible fix from one of our users:

The connection losses were caused by the combination of Android11, the security settings and the IPv6 configuration in the private network.

So if you...

- turn off the DHCP IPv6 server in your environment

- turn off the DNSv6 advertisement in your network

- switch back to WPA2 as a wifi security standard

- while turning PMF off

... this will "heal" the connection -- no interrupts any more.

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